Colour me Lonely: Connecting through Comics

To make a comic book, it takes people working on their own and getting together. 

Many professional comic artists today work on bigger projects that involve multiple talents-- writers, colourists, and letterers. All specialists who contribute separately to make a comic book. But many artists work on their own comic, their own creation and character, making something that has meaning to them, alone. Despite working on their own in dispersed locations, the individual comic book artists and creators are able to address specific submarkets. 

When comic book artists, like Mary Guo and Tristan Bun, and Isabel Torrubia Gortari create using their own lived experiences and their specialized skills, what emerged were topics they were interested in: stories about loneliness and isolation. And those individual stories connected to others, tens of thousands of readers each time they posted their comics online. By telling their own story about being alone, they found their audience. 

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