Mind-Flow Mastery with Dr. Daya Grant

So thrilled to have Daya Grant join me again on the podcast this week! You may remember Daya from episode 258 (This is Your Brain on Yoga). In her role as a mental performance coach, Daya utilizes tools from her background as a neuroscientist, athlete, and yogi. On this episode, Daya shares some of the fascinating research that shares in her online course, Mind-Flow Masterclass. She shares:

  • Which mental performance tools she used to finish a half marathon (less than a year after giving birth to her second child!)
  • How exercise upregulates BDNF and the ways this is beneficial for the brain
  • How exercising during high stress times can mediate our stress response and create more resilience for our future self
  • How mantra and dristhi have been studied and shown to help settle the mind
  • The neuroscience of flow states and the four stages of flow
  • Samadhi -- Daya and I have a similar interpretation on this for householders

Check out more about Daya's offerings on the shownotes page: yogalandpodcast.com/episode317

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