8 Best Practices for Minimizing Yoga Injuries

In the modern era of practicing yoga, we've come to terms with the reality that alignment alone is not the sole consideration when it comes to preventing yoga injuries. Today's episode draws from Jason's recent webinar, The Yoga Injury Matrix, and focuses on eight best practices for minimizing yoga injuries. The talk dives into the following ideas:

  • Mindful, skillful alignment
  • Pace, duration, and intensity are key
  • Intensification adjustments and their role in modern yoga
  • Well-rounded sequencing matters
  • Helping your students prioritize self-regulation
  • The role of stabilization techniques
  • Emphasizing functional strength and active ROM
  • The body is a stress-distributing device

To listen to more podcasts we've done about specific yoga injuries, we've created a collection here: jasonyoga.com/yogaland-podcast/yoga-injuries/

Or, learn more in Jason's newly updated online course Better Way to Flow: Preventing & Managing Common Yoga Injuries. Group calls start on March 18th! Or you can choose the self-paced option: www.jasonyoga.com/injuries

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