Essential Life Skills for Yoga Teachers

We're back! This week we're talking through four life skills for every yoga teacher to master. These four skills are attributes that we work on in our own work and personal lives through our practice. They are also the four pillars around which our upcoming January program -- Mind-Body Reset -- is built.

The four skills are:

  • Self-compassion -- the skill of being an ally to yourself and accepting yourself, as you are.
  • Self-awareness -- taking a look inward and acknowledging your areas of strength and your areas of challenge.
  • Self-regulation -- understanding the science behind the different stress responses and learning what you need to do in your practice to have a balanced response to stress and adversity.
  • Self-direction -- harness your creative energy, kick imposter syndrome to the curb, and embrace an entrepreneurial spirit.

If you'd like to learn more about the program, go to and jump on the waitlist.

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