All About Jason's *New* 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training!

Want to know how Jason has set up his 200-hour online-only teacher training? Jason walks you through his process and how he honed in on how to make such a transformative foundational training work for folks. He talks about:

  • How he plans to build community so that participants have a peer group
  • How he will facilitate connection between the students
  • How he teaches folks to practice teaching -- both in-person and online. <<-- This section is worth listening to whether or not you are looking into a teacher training! It's so useful in terms of learning to articulate your sensory and somatic experiences through words.

We had so much to discuss on this episode that we're going to do one more where we walk through how he crafted the curriculum. Hope it's helpful!

To find out more about the 200-hour training or to register go to:

If you register before August 21, 2022 you will receive $300 off.

For our show notes, go to:

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