#199 - Weird News: Pork Products

Boy rat, big cat, and drug chat.

Dog walk, tattoo talk, and offensive pork.

Spooky face, UFOs in space, and pasta in a strange place.

Holy macaroni! - It's Weird News, you know what to expect.


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Links to stories:

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White House: Don't Panic Over UFO Shoot Downs - Bloomberg Television (YouTube)

Project Bluebeam - Yomikez (YouTube)

Thousands lose their minds as woman looks completely frozen in time in 'Matrix' video - mirror.co.uk

Man who spent £12,480 to become a dog says he’s ‘fulfilling his dream’ as he’s taken for walk - ladbible

Former US military contractor claims 'superweapon' is being created in Antarctica - dailystar.co.uk

Holy macaroni! New Jersey town baffled by 500lbs of pasta dumped by brook - guardian.com

Five things people recall after they are brought back from the dead, says ICU doctor - mirror.co.uk

Mysterious rodent-human 'mummy' leaves museum pleading for help - mirror.co.uk

DNA test ‘confirms’ big cats are roaming around British countryside - propermanchester.com

'I went blind after tattooing my eyeballs blue - but I have no regrets' - mirror.co.uk


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