Frank Schubert: CyberSecurity - Protecting Everyday Life

In our society today, a world without satellite communications, navigation and Earth observation systems is unimaginable. Services provided by space-based systems have become omnipresent - simply think about navigation, TV broadcasts, weather forecasts, climate monitoring or military communications, even the Internet of Things stays connected through satellite communications. All acquired and distributed data is valuable, often sensitive and hence of interest to various groups: customers, competitors, hacktivists, nation states or military forces.

In the past, large resources were required to attack space-based systems. But today the technical barrier is much lower and disrupting critical satellite operations might become possible at much lower cost and effort. This opens the door to many more potential attackers. Therefore, state-of-the-art monitoring and protection measures are a must for space-based systems, just like for any other technical system supporting critical infrastructure.

In this podcast, Dr. Frank Schubert, specialist in Defence and Aerospace Security, explains how Airbus protects satellites from cyber-attacks and why it is so important to keep our systems save.

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