#83 Coral Messam: The Unexpected Joy Of Movement

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This week’s guest is Coral Messam who is currently the Movement Director for the forthcoming stage adaptation of Andrea Levy’s seminal novel, Small Island, which opens at the National Theatre on 1 May.

Coral’s past work includes choreography for Game of Thrones, as well as working with UK theatre practitioners including DV8, Small Island and NT Director Rufus Norris and the Young Vic’s Kwame Kweh-Amah. Coral is also a visiting lecturer at Central School of Speech and Drama.
I wanted to interview Coral because chances are just like you, I’d never heard of a movement director before and I was intrigued as to how one finds themselves in the job so of course, I find out how Coral got started. We find out how to pick the projects you should say yes to for developing your career. As well as wrapping up on challenges and obstacles you might expect if you decide to follow in her footsteps.

I’ve learned so much and it was kind of unexpected. If it wasn’t for my complete inability to do choreographed dancing I would happily look into some classes. If your interest is piqued do visit Coral’s website www.coralmessam.com and follow her on Twitter @CoralMessam. Small Island is out at the National Theatre on May 1st.

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