#138 Eniola Aluko on Breaking New Ground

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Today, we have the remarkable Eniola Aluko joining us. From scoring 33 goals for the England national team to her pioneering work as Sporting Director at both Aston Villa Women and Angel City FC, Eniola's influence on and off the pitch is unparalleled. 

In today's conversation, we'll explore her journey into football, her British-Nigerian identity, and how she’s become a beacon for change in women's football and sports leadership. Eniola also talks about the struggle for representation in sports, dealing with racism, and her views on politics and identity. Trust me, you won't want to miss this one!

What an enlightening episode with Eniola Aluko! From her days on the field to shattering glass ceilings in sports broadcasting and leadership, her story is one that’s left me buzzing. We can all take a leaf out of her playbook when it comes to breaking new ground. 

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