Circle Line - Joanna Cannon

Margaret, the recently widowed narrator of this story, spots her husband Cyril, on the Circle Line, one week after the funeral. It turns out that the underground is: “‘where you go when you die,’ he said. ‘The underground. It’s the perfect opportunity to reflect. To think about what comes next. To wait for God to make a decision about why you’re there, I suppose.’” In Joanna’s story we hear a grieving woman coming to terms with her loss, and finding hope in her future, whilst traversing the city.


Joanna Cannon is the author of the Sunday Times bestselling novels Three Things About Elsie and The Trouble with Goats and Sheep. Her writing has appeared in the Sunday Telegraph, Daily Mail and the Guardian, amongst others. She has appeared on BBC Breakfast, interviewed on BBC Radio 2, BBC Radio 4 and BBC Radio 5, and is a regular at literary festivals across the UK. Joanna left school at fifteen with one O-level and worked her way through many different jobs – barmaid, kennel maid, pizza delivery expert – before returning to school in her thirties and qualifying as a doctor. Her fascination with the tube, and the myriad possibilities within it, inspired this podcast series.


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