How To Stay Present When Opting Out Looks Less Painful with Cory Muscara

Whenever you realize you've been consumed by your phone, lost in mindless scrolling, do you show yourself compassion, or are you as harsh as you can with yourself? Regardless of how skillful you get at being present, it is hard to avoid being sucked in by a world that has become a true master of distraction, a relentless, thirsty-for-attention machine.

In today's episode, we discuss all things meditation, mindfulness, and personal growth with the magical Cory Muscara. He is a mindfulness and meditation teacher, keynote speaker, coach, and best-selling author of "Stop Missing Your Life," the Practicing Human podcast host, and former monk. 

During a life-changing trip to Burma in 2012, Cory spent six months in silence practicing Vipassana meditation (14 to 20 hours per day), ordained as a monk under the late Sayadaw U Pandita within the Mahasi lineage of the Theravada tradition. Since then, he has been on a mission to bring mindfulness and meditation to people in practical and usable ways. 

Throughout our conversation, you'll hear Cory's compassionate and wise approach to mindfulness practices, details of his trip to Burma, and how he got into mindfulness, moved from both an egoic place and the intrinsic knowledge of the practice's benefits in the long haul. He shares his thoughts on meditation, oneness, emotional healing, relationships, and good and bad fortune. 

Additionally, Cory talks about the importance of embracing life's unpredictability, the difference between primary and secondary pain, the power of curiosity, and more.

Tune in to Episode 201 and let Cory teach you how to remain present when numbing out looks the less painful choice. 

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

When trying to impress a girl opens a life path (11:30)

A trip to Burma that changed everything (18:30)

How hard silent retreats really are? (27:20)

How long does it take to get the "oneness thing" (35:00)

What happens when we start to eliminate rumination's time and space (43:20)

Back to the real world. How did Cory's journey evolve after the monastic life (49:10)

Good luck, bad luck, who knows? (57:00)

Resources Mentioned:

Book: Cory Muscara - Stop Missing Your Life

Book: Richard Schwartz - No Bad Parts

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