From Militant Atheist to Divine Spiritual Solider. Betty Guadagno's Rebirth Story

What would your reaction be if you found yourself on the deck of a spaceship commanded by The Source? 

In this episode, I'm joined by another soul sister, the incredible Betty Guadagno. Betty's awakening story is arguably one of the most inspiring I have encountered throughout my podcasting journey. From suffering all kinds of abuse since she was a little girl to living an extremely destructive life, experiencing homelessness, and dealing with substance abuse, Betty evolved into a Divine Spiritual Soldier, an individual of pure light. She is a Coach, an Awakening advocate, and the Explore the Extraordinary podcast host. 

Throughout our conversation, Betty shares details of her spontaneous kundalini awakening, her travel to the space of eternity in which she was gifted her pre-birth plan, and the constant feeling of rebirth she keeps on experiencing. You'll also hear about the time she experienced instantaneous healing, how it was for her to go from zero to a million awareness, and the pivotal moment of understanding that she was the co-creator of her reality, even during the darkest times of her life.

Additionally, Betty shares her thoughts on the Great Awakening, 3D and 5D experiences, why Heaven looks more real than being here to her, and much more. 

Tune in to Episode 198 of Uncover Your Magic and learn more about Betty's extraordinary awakening story.

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • From Militant Atheist to Divine Spiritual Solider (13:00)
  • Betty talks about her visit to the space of eternity (15:50)
  • A bit about the many coincidences that kept appearing in Betty's life (28:10)
  • What the Gift Of Desperation brought to Betty's life (32:40)
  • Betty talks about the moment she started channeling (41:40)
  • Our words are one of our most powerful tools (51:20)
  • Betty shares her thoughts on 3D and 5D experiences (59:30)
  • Why does Heaven feel more real than being here to Betty (1:06:00)

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