Exploring Dimensions, Purpose, and Forgiveness with Abundance Alchemist Sean Clayton

If healing from physical, mental, and spiritual pain depended on letting go and forgiving everyone who ever hurt you, would you? 

In this episode, I'm joined by Sean Clayton, an incredible man whose awakening was so intense that he comes across as if he has been studying and working in the spiritual realm for decades, yet he found himself little more than four years ago. He is a Life and Business Strategist, a Visionary Spiritual Coach, and an Abundance Alchemist. 

Throughout our conversation, you'll hear Sean's super intense life story, full of contrasting ups and downs, from suffering abuse in his childhood to excelling in school, dealing with health issues, serving time in federal prison, to healing and finding forgiveness for himself and others during a walking meditation. 

Additionally, Sean talks about the many times he achieved "3D success," shares his unique perspective on dimensions and the bridges between them, and talks about purpose, vibration, God, and much more. 

Tune in to Episode 197 of Uncover Your Magic and open your senses to absorb as much wisdom as you can from Sean's beautiful soul. 

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • About Sean's awakening in his early 40s (14:00)
  • The beautiful thing about polarity (22:50)
  • Sean talks about one of the many times he achieved "3D success" (32:00)
  • A walking meditation that changed it all for Sean (37:40)
  • Sean shares his unique perspective on the dimensions (46:00)
  • We are integrated vessels (56:40)
  • Sean talks about feminine and masculine energy (1:06:40)

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