JUSTICE FOR GRENFELL (with Judy Bolton and firefighter Ricky Nuttall)

72 people died in the fire at Grenfell Tower, a building recently refurbished in non-compliant, highly flammable cladding. Three years later, still no arrests have been made. How come?

What is the legacy of the tragedy and will justice ever be done to those who lost their lives?

Blaine sits down with Justice4Grenfell director Judy Bolton to find out the answer to these questions and hears how the community came together in the wake of that devastating night in June 2017.

This week’s opening thought features Ricky Nutall from the LFB reading his poem ‘The Firefighter’.

At the end of this episode you will hear the title track from Mystery Jets’ critically-acclaimed new album ‘A Billion Heartbeats’. You can buy and stream the album here.

This episode of ‘Things Worth Fighting For’ was brought to you by Acast and produced by Matthew Twaites. 

Thanks to Courtney-Aiesha Mortimer at UROK for production assistance and coordination. 


Ricky Nuttall: ‘The Firefighter’ (Youtube)

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