What's up, what's down: revealing Digital Adspend 2020

Welcome to a special episode of the IAB UK Podcast to celebrate the launch of Digital Adspend 2020. In this episode, James reveals some of the headlines from this year's report and chats to the IAB’s Elizabeth Lane, Steph Claxon from PwC, Michelle Sarpong from the7stars and Faye McDowall from Global to get their take on the latest numbers. The annual Adspend research is the official measure of the size of the UK digital advertising market. The full report, plus access to our Adspend Analyser tool, is provided for free to IAB UK members, breaks down the data by Category (display, search, classifieds), Format (banners, video, native etc), Environment, and Industry Sector. Check out the report and the Analyser at iabuk.com/adspend

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