The Crux, Episode 3: Closing the female leadership gap

Welcome back to The Crux - a three part podcast series in partnership with Google, taking on the big questions marketers should be asking themselves.

In this third and final episode, James speaks to WACL President Nishma Patel Robb about closing the female leadership gap. The conversation is a fascinating journey through the evolution of women in advertising – from past stereotypes to present realities – as well as looking ahead to the future as we explore the need for balanced leadership right at the top. And of course they also get to The Crux of the matter to ask: ‘How does your agency change the language of leadership?’

If you haven't yet caught up on episodes 1 and 2, check them out now, and if you'd like to hear more from the IAB and Google, check out IAB Europe’s Talking AI series here:

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