Stay Engaged x Oh What Now: Where did it all go wrong for ad-funded quality publishing?

Ad-funded journalism once held the powerful to account. It looked out for our safety. It helped us to navigate the thousands of entertainment options that bombard us every minute of every day. It gave us all a seat at the table. But not anymore.

With ad funded, quality news a thing of the past, can you tell fact from fiction? In this special Stay Engaged collaboration with podcast 'Oh What Now', host Judith Horn is joined in the studio by disgraced MP Vikram Chopra, Readership Editor of The British Bugle, Gem Sarsons, Consumer Rights Advocate Ruth Medley and author & founder of the Cut The Noise movement, Crispin Softly to ask ‘how on earth did we end up here?’

Stay Engaged 2021 draws to a close with a fiery debate on where it all went wrong for ad-funded, quality publishers. With rumour rife, fake news taking hold and society starting to unravel, Judith Horn and her opinionated guests dissect the downfall of professional journalism. 


Oh What Now was written for IAB UK Stay Engaged by Jon Bradfield and produced by Ali Rezakhani. Judith was played by Joan Walker, Ruth by Annabel Leventon, Vik by Amerjit Deu, Crispin by Daniel Leadbitter and Jodie Steele played Gem.

Stay Engaged is hosted in partnership with Quantcast, creators of a new and innovative intelligent audience platform.

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