Diversity Unlocks Discovery Episode 1: Zehra Chatoo

Welcome to 'Diversity Unlocks Discovery', a new IAB UK podcast mini-series in partnership with Meta, hosted by the IAB's Director of Transformation, Sophia Haynes. In six episodes over the course of the next year, we’ll surface some of the obstacles that are currently preventing digital advertising from being more inclusive and diverse, and explore how we go about changing things for the better.

In this first episode, Sophia speaks to Meta’s Zehra Chatoo, Head of Connection Planning, Retail for EMEA and Chair of Meta's DEI council. In the episode, they explore exactly how diversity can unlock discovery covering representation in ads, the value of having uncomfortable conversations, how inclusivity is being built into the metaverse, and why Zehra found the release of the new Little Mermaid trailer so powerful.

Find out more about IAB UK's work on inclusion, diversity & equity here. Watch Meta's 'Uncomfortable Conversations' series here and check out about the theme of diversity unlocks discovery here.

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