Summer 2023: Session 275 (History Notes: STOP Sitting On Your Dreams with Evingerlean D. Blakney, Ph.D.)

Did you know that a typical human being dreams an average of about 4 to 6 dreams per night? If you can experience at least four dreams a night, why is it that you’re still stuck on that one idea that failed to materialize? How you want your life to look doesn’t have to be constant. Things change, and new passions are discovered daily. Don’t limit yourself to a certain number of objectives just because that’s what society dictates. If you feel like the path you’re currently on is not the right one for you, by all means, change it. The prospect will seem daunting but trust me; you won’t regret it. Don't forget to connect with me on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook @Evingerlean.

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