Kate Hodges – Spooky Books Special

Black Shuck! The melting monk! Highgate Vampires! A mystically powerful WH Smiths!  To celebrate USBORNE’S WORLD OF THE UNKNOWN: GHOSTS and WELCOME TO THE DARK SIDE: OCCULT LONDON, Sarah invited author KATE HODGES (@theekatehodges) to revisit the horror books that traumatised them into the women they are today.  Finally, an answer to the eternal question, who’s fitter, Gef the talking mongoose, or a werecrocodile? Plus: Jan Pienowski’s Haunted House, Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein ('s monster), spontaneous human combustion, Bizarre magazine, The Unexplained partwork magazine, The Day of The Triffids, Climate Change, and Plague panic…

OCCULT LONDON: https://shop.herblester.com/products/welcome-to-the-dark-side-occult-london

THE HARE AND HOOFE: https://thehareandhoofe.wordpress.com/

The Fear is a podcast where funny people talk about the things that scare us. In each episode, comedy writer Sarah Morgan asks her guests to bring in three fears - a scary moment from film or tv; a fear from their childhood, and a fear or phobia they live with now. It's spooktacular...

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