Those Were The Days by The Blades: Interview with Jake Reilly

Paul Dillon and Dan O'Neill interview Jake Reilly, drummer from The Blades. The band formed in the late 1970s in Ringsend (known by locals as Raytown): An urband area in Dublin's docklands. The original line-up released two seven inch singles: "Hot For You" and "Ghost of a Chance", before a reshuffle in 1981 which saw Jake join the band. That would be the line up which would release the brilliant album Last Man in Europe which includes classic tunes such as Down Market, Got Soul and Pride. It’s a record every music lover needs to put on their turntable.

The Blades have since gone on to reform, playing a number of gigs and releasing a studio album in 2016 called Modernised as well as an EP and a live album. They’ve also been inducted into the Irish Rock N Roll Hall of Fame. A snare drum belonging to Jake sits in the museum in Temple Bar. The drum has been, and I quote ‘to every corner of the country – Battered, beaten and bruised from Ballybunnion to Ballyshannon.” On this episode we look back at The Blade’s boxset Those Were the Day, released in 2000 - It features the tracks from Raytown Revisited and Last Man in Europe plus a few bonus tracks.

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