Revolver (The Beatles) with Prof. Luke O'Neill

Luke O'Neill is a professor of biochemistry in the School of Biochemistry and Immunology at Trinity College Dublin.

In 2020 he won the An Post Irish Book of the Year Award for best popular non-fiction book for ‘Never Mind the B*ll*cks Here’s the Science’, published by Gill which was a best seller. He also won the Science Foundation Ireland Science Communicator of the Year Award, for his media work on COVID19.

In 2021 he published 'Keep Calm and Trust the Science- a remarkable year in the Life of an Immunologist' with Gill publishers, which is his diary covering the COVID19 pandemic.

In this episode he tells us why he love Revolver by The Beatles.

Revolver is the seventh studio album by the English rock band the Beatles. It was released on 5 August 1966, accompanied by the double A-side single "Eleanor Rigby" / "Yellow Submarine".

Revolver expanded the boundaries of pop music, revolutionised standard practices in studio recording, advanced principles espoused by the 1960s counterculture, and inspired the development of psychedelic rock, electronica, progressive rock and world music.

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