WW2: The Moro Warriors

The resistance fighters of the Moro, an indigenous Muslim population of the Philippines, have been described as most the most successful and least-known guerrillas of World War II's Pacific Theatre.

The Moro mounted an armed opposition so vigorous that the soldiers of the Imperial Japanese Army found themselves outfought time and again by their far less well-armed adversaries. When the soldiers of the Empire of Japan invaded their homeland, the Moros, sometimes with swords as their only weapons, bravely fought on alone after the rapid American surrender of the Philippines.

In this episode James is joined by Thomas McKenna, the author of a new book on the Moro warriors, to learn more about arguably the most successful and unlikely resistance movements of the entire Second World War.

Tom's book Moro Warrior: The Untold Story of the Most Remarkable Resistance Fighters of World War II in the Pacific is available here.

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