Putin's Rise to Power

Serving continuously as either Prime Minister or President since 1999, Vladimir Putin's leadership of Russia has always dominated the geopolitical stage and made headlines. Enforcing extreme policies, engaging with dangerous allies, and hiring deadly mercenaries - it seems he isn't planning on relinquishing control of Russia, or ending the war in Ukraine, in the near future. But how has his previous experience on the world stage informed his choices today - and is it possible to predict his actions in the coming years?

In the final episode of our Dictators series, James welcomes Political Scientist, Professor Daniel Treisman, to the podcast to examine Putin's leadership of Russia and his role in global politics. Looking at the tactics Putin enforced to maintain control, his treatment of opposition parties, and his reliance on fighting wars - why has Putin been in control for so long, and will Russia ever be able to move forward without him?

You can buy Daniel's book here.

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