WW2: Naval Power

In accounts of the Second World War, the role Navy's played is often overlooked. But the Navy's of both the Allied and Axis forces engaged in some of the biggest maritime campaigns in history. From near total elimination of forces, to epic sea battles, the Second World War changed seafaring conflict and naval power forever. So what can we learn about this period in history, and what are some of the stand out moments?

In this episode, James joined renowned military historian Paul Kennedy at Yale University, to dive into this moment of history. Together, they explore the history of the Royal Navy and the other naval powers of WW2; examining their ferocious maritime campaigns and answering the question, how were the Allies were finally able to achieve victory at sea?

Paul's book Victory at Sea is available here.

The Senior Producer was Elena Guthrie

The Assistant Producer was Annie Coloe

Mixed & edited by Aidan Lonergan

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