News of the Damned bonus episode 23-06-2022

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JT is back on deck and ready with a new bonus episode.

On this episode of TPS, JT presents 9 articles of The News of the Damned (including 4 from Tre in Oregon).

"News of the Damned" links;

NASA launches study of UFOs despite ‘reputational risk’

Treasure Hunters Spar with FBI Over Videos From Civil War Gold Dig

Tenants of Malaysian Apartment Complex Cry Foul Over Claims Site is Haunted

Strange Spiral Lights Seen Over New Zealand

UFO Spotted Over Buckingham Palace During Queen's Jubilee Parade

China says its giant 'Sky Eye' telescope may have picked up signals from alien civilizations

Milky Way Could Host Over 42,000 Alien Civilizations, Scientists Estimate

4 hostile alien civilizations may lurk in the Milky Way, a new study suggests

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