The return of Chaz of the Dead and the Betz Sphere

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On this episode of The Paranormal Son, JT welcomes back Chaz of the Dead for a “breaking news” story in the realm of the paranormal.

The conversation started out discussing the discovery of a photo from one of the more well-known UK cases of the last 50 years that was missing and presumed lost (The 1990 Calvine incident). You can see the photo here with some further details on the case

We also discussed faked images (both vintage and modern) and the “deep fake” phenomenon of recent years, JT kept referencing the famous 1934 “surgeons photo” of the Loch Ness monster which was later explained as a hoax (you can this photo here

As always, we discuss our thoughts on the always evolving “Alien” agenda and what “the visitors” could be or why they act in the ways they do. We talked about some epic cases, some have been covered on TPS, some not yet but all of them unique and mind bending. Also discussed was “the visitors” fascination with nuclear power and weapons, is it as simple cosmic good will or is there a darker agenda in mind?

Later on, JT finds that he may have a relative in the venue of “erotic paranormal literature” enough said on that topic!


In the second half, we get into Chaz’s recent research and his book on the Betz Sphere case in Florida and the layer after layer involved in the case, also we discuss the home where it occurred and what we can do to help save the unique site for future generations. As always JT and Chaz find plenty of other interesting thoughts to discuss and share with as well.


Help save the Neff Mansion

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