Alison Page - Honouring Story Telling and The Eora Nation In Sydney’s Built Environment

In this episode, we explore the story telling mission from an important point of view. 

About Alison Page: 

Alison Page is an award winning designer, film producer, author and adjunct associate at the University of Technology’s Design School. She is a driver for intertwining The Eora’s culture into Sydney City by applying storytelling to cityscapes and tertiary education. 

What you will learn in this episode:
  • The black design movement 
  • The process behind building a connection with country framework in the construction industry’s practice. 
  • A mnemonic approach to teaching aboriginal people about design and architecture 
  • Current works in progress: The inclusive and culture-oriented courses Allison is spearheading at UTS 
  • How traditional owners are reclaiming the Sydney 
  • Two ways that Allison have already paved a way for cultural integration  

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