‘Joined at the hip’: what next for the Australia-PNG relationship?

This episode is dedicated to the memory of Faith Medcalf (1935-2023), who devoted much of her life to school education and teacher training in the highlands of Papua New Guinea. 

Have Australians lost sight of the importance of the Australia-PNG relationship? 

What impact has Prime Minister Marape’s address to the Australian Parliament, and the new security agreement had on public perceptions? 

And how can a shared history help to further develop this complex and critical relationship?  

In this episode, Ian Kemish, Oliver Nobetau and Nayahamui Rooney join Rory Medcalf to delve into the dynamics of Australia-Papua New Guinea bilateral relations, and explore how the two nations can strengthen their bond. 

Dr Nayahamui Rooney is a Lecturer with the School of Culture, History & Language in the College of Asia & the Pacific at the Australian National University (ANU).  

Ian Kemish AM is an Expert Associate at the ANU National Security College (NSC), and the former Australian High Commissioner to Papua New Guinea.  

Oliver Nobetau is an FDC Pacific Fellow at the Lowy Institute, on secondment from the Government of Papua New Guinea.  

Professor Rory Medcalf AM is Head of NSC. His professional experience spans more than three decades across diplomacy, intelligence analysis, think tanks, journalism and academia.  


Show notes:  


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