Election watch 2024: what makes Indonesian democracy unique?

As Indonesian head to the polls on 14 February, what’s important to know about the nation’s conception of democracy and its political ecosystem?  

Who are the key candidates in the presidential election — what do they represent? 

And what could be the implications of a change of government for security and diplomacy in the region?  

In this episode, Natalie Sambhi and Gary Quinlan join Rory Medcalf to discuss the upcoming Indonesian elections, and how the outcome might impact bilateral ties with Australia and security in the region. 


Dr Natalie Sambhi is a Senior Policy Fellow with Asia Society Australia and the Founder and Executive Director of Verve Research. Her research focuses on Indonesian military affairs, Indonesian defence policy and Southeast Asian security. 

Gary Quinlan AO is a former diplomat and public servant who served as Australia’s Ambassador to Indonesia, High Commissioner to Singapore and Permanent Representative to the United Nations in New York. 

Professor Rory Medcalf AM is Head of ANU National Security College. His professional experience spans more than three decades across diplomacy, Intelligence analysis, think tanks, journalism and academia.  


Show notes:  

  • Securing our Future – national security conference, 9–10 April, 2024: secure your tickets 


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