The time when Hollywood superstar Russell Crowe rang us live on air

The superstar contacted the radio station after breakfast show team Liam Coburn and Alison O'Reilly tweeted him.

There was huge excitement in Q102 this morning, when global superstar Russell Crowe rang into our breakfast show.

The Gladiator star whose recent film Unhinged hit the cinemas, called the show after receiving a tweet from Alison and Liam.

The duo, who are presenting the breakfast show together for the month of August, sent him a tweet last week, inviting him onto the show.

They wrote: "Hi Russell, we are a Dublin radio station, we have just read about your generous donation to the Le Chef fund, we talk about you nearly every day on our breakfast show (all good!), we would LOVE to have you on our show. Go on, you know you want to! Liam and Alison".

The pair tweeted him again the next day, in the hope that he would respond.

Alison said: "I had taken a few selfies of myself and Liam for a bit of fun, never thinking in a million years he would respond. I got home from work on Friday morning, when my programme manager Matt Dempsey began ringing me frantically. I had no idea what was going on, until he said 'Russell Crowe has just responded to your tweet'. I couldn't believe it. I never expected him to reply. He is one of the greatest actors of our time, I think it's fair to say, you just would never anticipate a response".

Russell told the presenters he would call at 7am on Monday, if they passed on the studio number.

Liam said: "I got a message from his publicity manager at 6am this morning, (Monday) so I knew then it was really happening".

Alison added: "I didn't believe it until I saw the red light come on in studio after Karen the receptionist patched him through. It was so surreal to hear him say 'good morning'. He was absolutely lovely, I could have chatted to him all morning, he didn't seem rushed or fussy, just very very down to earth."

Listen to the full interview here.

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