Tom Rasmussen on the system of marriage & redefining love

Tom Rasmussen (they/them) is a Lancaster born, London based writer and singer. When out of drag, they are contributing editor at Dazed Beauty, LOVE Magazine and Refinery29, and a regular contributor to the Independent and i-D. Their work has also been featured in Vice, Broadly, Tank and the Gay Times. In 2018 they were named an LGBT trailblazer by The Dots and one of the voices of now for i-D. Tom also forms half of the radical queer punk band ACM. Their first book, Diary of a Drag Queen, was longlisted for the Polari First Book Prize 2020.

This month sees the release of their second book: “First Comes Love: On Marriage and Other Ways of Being Together”. It’s a witty and incisive exploration of what marriage means along the whole spectrum of sexuality and class. They look at why people get married - for security, romance, or celebration, and why others see taking part in this deeply binary, normative system problematic in itself, examining what the future looks like for this historic and universal institution.

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