The Housing Crisis, Pollution & Landlords with Kieran Yates

Kieran Yates is a London-based journalist, broadcaster and author. 

Her debut book “All The Houses I’ve Ever Lived In” is part memoir, part social commentary. It’s a love letter to home and community and a vital and timely expose on the UK’s housing crisis.

By the age of 25, Kieran had lived in twenty different houses across the country, from council estates in London to car showrooms in rural Wales. Drawing on personal experience, interviews with tenants across the country and the stories behind our interiors, she explores the unexpected ways we can fight back, highlighting the invaluable work of community organisers who have led the way to change and improve the housing system, inviting us to re-imagine what the future of housing could look like.

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This episode was hosted and produced by Venetia La Manna and edited by Nada Smiljanic.

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