Do Ethical Billionaires Exist? with Swatee Deepak

Swatee Deepak is a consultant who works with private and public foundations in strategy development and design, with individuals and families of wealth on their redistribution strategies and oversees a portfolio of businesses and start-ups across philanthropy, socially minded businesses and the arts.

Together, without our friends Ruby and Devi we co-founded Remember Who Made Them, a campaign and podcast championing a new solidarity economy in fashion. Swatee is a guest lecturer for Columbia University, The London College of Fashion, is on the bench of Stanford University's Global Center for Gender Equality and is a Practitioner in Residence for LSE's Marshall Institute.


She is a founding member of several collectives working across philanthropy and social justice movements including Closer Than You Think, Healing Solidarity and Shake the Table and is a Board Director of the Global Fund for Children and EMpower - The Emerging Markets Foundation.

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