Natasha Lunn on love and friendship

Natasha Lunn is the features director at RED magazine and the creator of a popular and acclaimed bimonthly email newsletter, Conversations on Love.

Her Top 10 Sunday Times Best-selling book, also called Conversations On Love, discusses a wide range of themes intimately connected to love. After years of feeling that love was always out of reach, she set out to understand how relationships work and evolve over a lifetime. Natasha turned to authors and experts to learn about their experiences, as well as drawing on her own, asking: How do we find love? How do we sustain it? And how do we survive when we lose it?

Some of my favourite conversations from the book include: Candice Carty-Williams on friendship, Emily Nagoski on the science of sex, Alain de Botton on the psychology of being alone, Esther Perel on unrealistic expectations and Roxane Gay on redefining romance.

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