Cathy Reay on challenging perceptions of accessibility

Cathy Reay (she/her) is a writer, editor and disability consultant. She covers disability rights and representation, with a particular interest in the beauty and film industries. She is also a single mother of two and speaks about her life and her experiences on her instagram @ThatSingleMum. 

There is so much in this conversation. We hear about Cathy's childhood, her advice for her teenage self, we discuss her experience of motherhood, both online and offline. We also talk about what a better future for disabled people would like from a political standpoint, in the media and crucially, in our every-day lives. Cathy speaks brilliantly about how important it is to challenge our perceptions of what we think accessibility means and how we need to reduce the stigma around asking someone about their access needs. We also talk about the life-changing power of a good skincare routine.

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This podcast was edited and produced by Venetia La Manna and co-produced by Holly Falconer. The artwork was designed by Alex Sedano and the music was composed by William Haxworth.

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