Beatle George (pt 2)

Because you're sweet and lovely, we're back for part two of our deep dive into the songs of Beatle George on the Take it Away podcast. On this savoy second installment, we'll cover 1967's “It's All Too Much” right through the breakup of the Beatles -- as we witness George Harrison's songwriting evolution from gifted novice to peak contender with Lennon and McCartney. The trauma of fame mixed with the clarity of eastern philosophy altered George's outlook drastically from the mid-60s onward…his songwriting acting as a reflection of the sincerity of his convictions. It was the truth of his artistry (embraced by the public, though not always by his bandmates) that would carry forward into the solo years, where George would continue to hone his craft as songwriter, producer, musician, and guiding light for the material world for decades to come. Though this episode marks the end of our "Beatle George" series, it is far from the end of our examination of George's music - and we invite you to join us for a long, long, long journey into the solo catalog of our favorite mystical one...

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