Baby Baby

Episode 4 of 4

EPISODE SUMMARY: Sylvia’s best friend Lily, husband Tom and baby Evie are staying the night at Sylvia and Ryan's flat. Sylvia is upset Lily doesn’t have time for her anymore. She falls asleep and there is her subconscious Jim, ready to break it to her that she’s, yep, dreaming! She simply has to go on about her dream puzzle while Jim quite frankly just wants to get drunk. But Sylvia's perplexed; why can't thing be like they used to be? Is she ready to face up to responsibility of adulthood? Or is she in danger of losing her youth? Sylvia wakes up to a series cliffhanger...

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(Episodes released weekly: Ep1 released 10 Sept, Ep2 released 17 Sept, Ep3 released 24 Sept and Ep 4 released 1 Oct 2020)


Starring Juliette Burton, Matthew Crosby, Sooz Kempner, Rob Frimston, John Henry Falle, Lindsay Sharman, Angus Dunican.

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Juliette Burton as Sylvia – she’s worried about being worried and overthinks about thinking. The only break she gets is in her dreams… where she’s worried about what on earth is happening.

Matthew Crosby as Jim – Sylvia’s personified subconscious. He just wants to have fun/be friends.

Robert Frimston as Ryan – Sylvia’s boyfriend. Simple, dependable, you can always rely on Ryan to nurse it better. Of course in her dreams, he’s somewhat different.

Sooz Kempner as Nora – Sylvia’s caring, loving mother… in her eyes. To Sylvia she’s overbearing, interfering and archaic with ridiculously high standards. And in Sylvia's dreamworld, she does have a habit of becoming odd animals.

John Henry Falle as Philip – Sylvia’s father, her hero, making a rare appearance not only in her dreams but also her life. Nothing is ever good enough for The Wheatleys.

Lindsay Sharman as Lily – Sylvia’s good-time gal pal best friend, struggling to adjust to motherhood.

Angus Dunican as Announcer – your weekly cheeky introduction and fond farewell to wish you Sweet Dreams

Angus Dunican also as Chicken Bartender - Just listen... it's quite a treat


Juliette Burton is an award-winning comedian with sold out runs at Edinburgh Fringe 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018. TV credits include BBC at the Edinburgh Festivals, BBC Tomorrow's World, BBC The One Show and ITV's This Morning. She's toured worldwide: Adelaide Fringe, Melbourne International Comedy Festival, New Zealand International Comedy Festival, Leicester Comedy Festival. She has studied Comedy Writing and Producing at the National Film and Television School.

Liam Beirne is a regular writer on Radio 4's The News Quiz and The Now Show. He's written for Dead Ringers, Alexie Sayle's Imaginary Sandwich Bar, The Now Show 1916, Spotlight Tonight With Nish Kumar, Fred Macauley's Wet Hot Political Summer and The Show What You Wrote and Diddy TV for CBBC.

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