Happy Birthday, Virginia Woolf: Animals, Nature, and Modernist Fiction with Bonnie Kime Scott

January 25, 2023, is acclaimed writer Virginia Woolf's 141st birthday! To celebrate, I invited scholar of modernist literature Bonnie Kime Scott to talk about how animals and nature show up in Woolf's work, and how novels can represent other consciousnesses.

To read Woolf's "The Death of a Moth": https://www.sanjuan.edu/cms/lib8/CA01902727/Centricity/Domain/3981/Death%20of%20A%20Moth-Virginia%20Woolf%20copy.pdf

For Kime's book: https://www.upress.virginia.edu/title/4499/

For more on Kime: https://kimescott.sdsu.edu/publications.html

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