Mark LaMonica - Morningstar | The Joy of Dividends Holiday Repeat

I hope you’re enjoying your holiday break. The next couple of weeks will be repeats while I recharge for the investing year in 2024. This episode from last year is a great overview on dividend investing. I hope 2024 shines brightly on your portfolio.

Mark LaMonica CFA, is an investor, financial educator and the Director of Product Management, Individual Investor at Morningstar. He still recalls the excitement of receiving his first dividend from Nike as a teen. Mark became interested in income investing during the chaotic dot-com crash emphasizing the importance of looking at a company as a real business, rather than a ticker code. Mark believes in the importance of financial independence and how dividends can be used to generate income without touching principal. We also explore the importance of balancing dividend growth and current yield in an income investing strategy.

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