85. Wave Energy (bølgeenergi)

Have you ever looked at the massive waves of the ocean and thought "why don't we use all that power for something – like electricity"? Well, that's a great thought, and researchers are diving into that mission as you are reading this. Actually, they've been trying to solve that task for some time. So why isn't wave energy as common as solar and wind power? In this episode (our first ever in English!) SINTEFs researchers Paula and Miguel gives us an explanation on that, and tell us what we need to do to start harvesting all that wave energy as a part of the big green energy puzzle for the future.

Want to read more about the research project? https://www.impact-h2020.eu/


Paula Garcia Rosa, Research Scientist, SINTEF Energy.

Miguel Rodrigues, Senior Research Scientist, SINTEF Ocean.

Host: Aksel Faanes Persson.

Music: Ooyy - Come 2gether (Epidemic Sound)

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