How To Get Money For Your Biz Pt 1

People say you can make your dreams come true - all it takes is belief and hard work. Yeah, nah, that's not strictly true. You can't pay wages with belief. Or advertise your business or develop product. In fact, you can't build a business without money. But how do you magic up the $100K plus you'll need to get off the ground? George and Jo are joined by entrepreneur, CEO and finance expert, Shivani Gopal, from The Remarkable Woman. This remarkable woman tells us the first steps, including what to put in your pitch deck and what makes a good investor (hint, it's like dating - you don't jump in bed with just anyone!). George brings her expertise, having broken records raising investment for Shebah, and if all this finance talk is like a new language for you - Jo is right there with you!

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