Episode 5: Parents

Stories about the secrets we keep from our parents, featuring comedian Zahra Noorbakhsh, and Ahmed's dad, Dr. Waheed Akbar. Plus: a plea for white people to talk to other white people about Trump. Listeners: We want to hear from young people and college students about how it feels to be Muslim right now, in the wake of the election. Send a voice memo to saysomething@buzzfeed.com, or leave a voicemail at (929) 265-2758. Follow Zahra Noorbakhsh at @zahracomedy. She is the host of the podcast #GoodMuslimBadMuslim. Read "The Birds, the Bees, and My Hole" in the book Love, InshAllah: The Secret Love Lives of American Muslim Women, and read "Coming Out as Bi When You're Muslim and Married" here: https://bitchmedia.org/article/you-can-be-both-bisexual-and-muslim%E2%80%94im-proofFind more episodes of the show at buzzfeed.com/seesomethingsaysomething

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