Troubleshooting, Hands-On Experience, and Vegetable Beef Soup

Former interns Mike Delisi and Amanda Brown join the podcast in conversation together because they interned at ABI at the same time! They share their unique life experiences that led them to Austin Community College, and explain how they came across the ACC Bioscience Incubator during their time studying bioscience. 

One experience that both Mike and Amanda share is that ABI gave them critical hands-on experience that helped them get their first jobs after graduation. This exposure to a laboratory environment and the instruments and processes within that environment lent them the confidence they needed to try new things outside of the classroom in professional settings. Critical thinking, problem-solving, and being comfortable making mistakes are not skills that are easily acquired in a classroom, and both former interns explain how ABI internships helped them hone these important attributes which gave them an edge in the job market. 

In addition to soft skills, ABI exposed Mike to the ACTA machine, an instrument that he uses today in his role in Downstream Processing at XBiotech. He and Amanda explain what an ACTA Machine is, and how it is used in the process of manufacturing medication at XBiotech. This hands-on experience earned during their internships at ABI plus the soft skills gained there combined with their Associate’s degrees helped secure their positions after graduation. Mike and Amanda point out that many of their colleagues have a Bachelor’s degree, but because of their experiences at ABI they were able to avoid possessing this “requirement” and instead compensate with real-life experience in laboratories. 

We close out part 1 with a conversation about how to secure job interviews after graduating, especially with an Associate’s degree, and Mike and Amanda share their tips for creating a resume that the bioscience companies in town can’t say no to. 

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