Let's Talk About Sex, Baby!

(N.B: this episode contains discussions of sexually explicit topics and some explicit language).

Who else is guilty of constantly complaining about the dating life in Hong Kong, because I know I sure am. I pity my friends, to be honest, who have to put up with me constantly whining about not meeting eligible men organically, and how the apps are just a cesspool of dirtbags. I had to understand if this was just a perception problem, or if we actually have an issue in Hong Kong when it comes to dating and sex, and there were no two better people than Valentina and Sara to chat to about this. Spoiler alert, I get schooled for my close minded-ness about dating in HK, and leave with some much needed advice. Ready for some sexy talk?

Featured Guests:

Sara Tang (sarasense.com) - find her on Instagram @hellosarasense, and check out her own podcast Better in Bed

Valentina Tudose (happyeverafter.asia/) - find her on Instagram @fairy_godmother00

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