I Regret Nothing - Part Two of Two

I Regret Nothing by Csaba Székely

Part Two of Two

The second half of I Regret Nothing picks up the story of retired Romanian secret service officer Dominic Cormoş as he comes face to face with the repercussions of his past and makes a decision that will shape his future and that of his 16-year-old neighbor Liza.

In the first half of the play, Dominic was visited by two other characters: Alex Dima, one of Dominic's former subordinates and now a high-ranking agent in the intelligence service, planted a bug in Dominic's apartment and attempted to blackmail him into performing a high-stakes mission. And Liza, Dominic's sixteen-year-old neighbor, turned up asking to use his toilet when her abusive father's daily tirade kept her from her own apartment. An unexpected friendship between Liza and Dominic sprouted from a shared love of dogs.

The character of Dominic was played by Paul Valley, Alex by Rob Neill, and Liza by Jocelyn Kuritsky, under Sarah Cameron Sunde’s direction.

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Play for Voices is produced by Matt Fidler, Anne Posten, Katrin Redfern, and Jen Zoble.

About the Author

Csaba Székely was born in 1981 in Târgu Mureș, Romania. He’s a playwright who also writes for television. His first play (Do You Like Banana, Comrades?) won the regional prize for Europe at the BBC’s International Radio Playwriting Competition in 2009. It was also chosen as Drama of the Week by the BBC. A few years later, in 2013, it won the Society of Authors’ Richard Imison Award. Székely has since written a trilogy about country life in Transylvania: Bányavirág (“Mineflower”), Bányavakság (“Mineblindness”), and Bányavíz (“Minewater”), examining issues such as unemployment, alcoholism, nationalism, corruption, and high rates of suicide in the Hungarian population of Transylvania. The trilogy has been published in a volume by the Hungarian publishing house Magvető under the title Bányavidék (“Minelands”). These three plays have been produced in Hungarian, Romanian, and Slovakian theaters. Székely also has written a historical comedy called Vitéz Mihály (“Michael the Brave”) about the rise and fall of a medieval Romanian national hero. This play won first prize in the playwriting competition held by Hungary’s Weöres Sándor Theatre, which also produced it. He has written a musical titled Hogyne, drágám! (“Sure, honey!”), produced by the National Theatre of Târgu Mureș, Romania, as well as a contemporary take on Euripides’ tragedy Alcestis (also produced by the National Theatre of Târgu Mureș). He was one of the scriptwriters for the third season of HBO Hungary’s show Terápia (In Treatment).

Part Two of I Regret Nothing features music by the following artists:

Grigore Leșe, “Cântă cucu-n Bucovina” http://grigorelese.com

Fanfare Ciocărlia, "Sandala” http://www.asphalt-tango.de/fanfare/fanfare_ciocarlia.html

Zdob și Zdub, “Goodbye” http://www.zdob-si-zdub.com

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