LIVE: The impact of family on mental health with Julia Samuel

Hi everyone, as we have come to an end of Season 10 I wanted to give you a special live bonus episode which I recorded at a breakfast event for The Arts Club with the one and only Julia Samuel.  

As I’m sure many of you know, Julia has been one of my favourite guests on the Not Perfect Podcast, she is a leading psychotherapist and bestselling author of 3 books. In this episode, I quiz her about her new book called “Every Family Has a Story” which sees her turn from her work with individuals to sessions with a wide variety of families. She reveals how deeply we are influenced by our families and offers insights into how families can face changes together.

Julia is so  full of wisdom and every time we speak I come away feeling calmer and much more grounded. As it was during a breakfast event, you might hear some odd background noises so I’m sorry for that but do hope you enjoy it!

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