The Curse Of Short-Term Focus: Finding a balance

Episode #246 // One of the most widespread and seemingly intractable problems facing leaders and organizations everywhere, is the drive to focus only on short-term results. And this condition doesn’t discriminate between industries, countries, or cultures.


Almost everything that happens in our work lives locks us inside the prison walls of an ever-present, high-demand, short-term focus. Very few leaders develop the type of long-term perspective that enables genuine attention to where a company will be in 5 years, 10 years, and beyond.

Even though I’ve trained myself over the years to take a longer-term view of the world, instinctively I’m the same as everyone else. It’s hard to break free from the pressing issues of today, when the need for immediate action is obvious, and the consequences of tomorrow feel so far away.


This episode explores why almost everything in our work environment constrains us to a short-term focus. I give some concrete, real-life examples of how short-term focus manifests itself… and, of course, I leave you with a few practical tips to help you to lengthen the time horizon you look towards, in any situation.

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