The CEO and the Board: Are outcomes improving?

Episode #248 // We still seem to be witnessing some pretty spectacular failures in corporate governance. Every week, the financial press manages to uncover some sort of personal scandal, a sudden and unexpected decline in performance, or a breach of a company’s social license to operate.

Even more common now, is the reporting on companies’ handling of workforce issues, like layoffs, and return to the office policies.

I came across an interesting interview with one of Australia’s leading company directors, Alison Watkins, which explored the evolving relationship between the CEO and the Board. Overall, it presented quite a positive outlook.


In this episode, I look at how this critical relationship is evolving, and what we can expect from boards in coming years, as we see less and less tolerance for business transgressions.

Source Material

McKinsey Interview:

In the Boardroom With Alison Watkins

(22nd November, 2022)

Harvard Law School Research

Mandating Women on Boards: Evidence from the United States

No Bullsh!t Leadership Episode:

Ep.54: Managing the Board


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