Stop Doing Your People’s Work: Lead THEM to do it

Episode #172 // When one of my articles for Harvard Business Review blew up recently on social media, we decided to make it more accessible to our community of No Bullsh!t Leaders by turning it into a podcast episode. And because I don’t have a word limit here, I can expand it out and offer examples until my heart’s content!

When you first move into a leadership role, it’s easy to develop bad habits… one of those habits is over-functioning for your people: doing their work for them. We think we’re doing it for all the right reasons and it’s easy to rationalize. But it’s also the surest way to weaken your team, limit its potential, and constrain its culture. 

In this episode I briefly touch upon the transition from individual contributor to people leader, explore why we love to do our people’s work for them, and give you three surefire ways to build the discipline to let your people do their jobs, without your well-meaning but unhelpful intervention!

To make this episode even more valuable for you, I've put the key points into a *free* PDF resource, '3 Failsafe Ways to Stay Out of Your People's Work' which you can download at

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